History Of Danny’s Shoe Repairs

Danny was a migrant from Italy and arrived in Perth in 1954, he had some training in the footwear industry in Italy as a young 13 year old boy from a shoemaker uncle in Venice.

On arrival to Australia he worked as a woodcutter for a few years but his love and passion was in shoes, so he found a job in a shoe factory in Fremantle as a sports shoe maker.

Some years later against all odds and in bad times he decided to open his store in what we now know as Northbridge, but he was good with people, determined, knew his trade well, and was convinced he could make a future for himself.

He was retailing footwear, some made by himself, and also doing shoe repairs. Business was thriving and over the years he expanded the business and had a good reputation, he specialised in hand making custom made football and soccer boots for many of Perth’s elite sports players.

Over time his two sons ( Frank and Robert ) joined him and he expanded even further into more retail opportunities with stores in Claremont, Applecross and Geraldton, but he wasn’t satisfied with that and expanded even further into the wholesale trade, importing, exporting and supplying other shoe repairers and wholesalers all over Australia with machinery, parts and accessories.

Danny sadly passed away in 2004 but his sons are keen to keep the tradition going with their own stores in Claremont and West Perth following in their dads footsteps, and the love of footwear is obvious and comes through in the care taken in each and every job.

They have the knowhow and equipment to do the job properly, and compassion to look after their customers.

We have been in the business in this location for over 40 years and take great pride in our work , our shoe repairs are repaired properly and with skill and intense knowledge.